Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
industry, and (3) a financing system lacking incentives for efficiency and
cost control. The project is made up of six components: medical
partnerships, vaccine and pharmaceutical security, health monitoring,
finance and service delivery alternatives, women's health and family
planning, and program design and management.
Housing Sector Reform
The project supports the development of a market oriented housing sector
in the 
 through legal and institutional reforms, reduced housing
subsidies, promotion of private housing markets, and creation of pilot
housing and urban finance programs. The project also finances housing for
demobilized Russian officers and job related training.
Humanitarian Assistance
This project provided humanitarian relief, medical treatment, education,
for Armenian Earthquake
and vocational training for victims of the Armenian earthquake that
occurred on December 7, 1988. This project was completed in fiscal year
Humanitarian Emergency
This project addressed the medical crisis in the 
 caused by critical
Medical Assistance for the
shortages of basic medical supplies. The project supported private
Soviet Union
voluntary organizations' efforts to address basic health needs by
distributing donated medical supplies and medicines to groups most
vulnerable to illness and disease. This project was completed in fiscal year
NIS Special Initiatives
 special initiatives project supports the transition toward
participatory democracy and economic freedom by funding activities that
deal with problems such as the privatization of functions previously under
state domain. As the special initiatives expand into broader sectoral
programs, they are transferred into separate, independent projects.
Activities in this project focus on emergency humanitarian assistance,
technical support, pilot programs, and cross sectoral quick responses.
Private Sector Initiatives
The project supports the privatization of state owned enterprises, fosters
the emergence of small indigenous private businesses, and reduces the
barriers to private investment and growth. Project implementation to date
NIS is the abbreviation for Newly Independent States. Several departments use this abbreviation in
the title of their projects. The NIS is the same geographic area as the FSU.
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