Appendix II 
Agency Specific Information
pluralistic civil societies capable of exercising their rights and
responsibilities; and increased respect for individual rights and rule of law.
The components to address these objectives are political processes, rule
of law, public administration and local government, civil society,
independent media, and program design and management.
Disaster Assistance
's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance coordinates the U.S.
government's aid to victims of disasters in foreign countries. The program
objective is to provide humanitarian assistance that will save the greatest
number of lives, reduce the greatest amount of human suffering, and
reduce the economic and social effects of the disaster for the greatest
number of people within the resources available.
Economic Restructuring
The project addresses policy, institutional, and technical banking skill
and Financial Sector
constraints associated with developing a sound system of government
finance and commercial banking. The project also helps develop the legal
and policy environment to support open access to economic information.
The four components of the project are fiscal reform, financial sector
reform, business environment, and program design and management.
Energy Efficiency and
 seeks to improve the efficiency and performance of energy
Market Reform
production and consumption, support energy privatization and market
reform, and reduce safety risks of nuclear power plants in the 
solely or partially implements efforts to address problems in pricing and
national policy, district heating and energy efficiency, energy subsector
restructuring, trade and international markets, and program design and
 implement the nuclear safety portion of this
Environmental Policy and
This project encourages environmentally sound approaches to the
economic and social reforms in the 
, promotes specific environmental
quality improvements, and encourages U.S. private sector participation in
the region's environmental management. This project has four
components: environmental policy and institution building, health risks,
public awareness and environmental accountability, and the Aral Sea
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