Appendix I 
Programwide Information
Funding for programs with the 
 came from a variety of accounts within
different budget functional classifications.
 Programs authorized under the
Freedom Support Act were classified in the international affairs function,
whereas the Cooperative Threat Reduction (
) program funding was
from the national defense function.
 Other programs were classified under
other functions, but generally to a much lesser extent.
Although the funding for noncredit programs came from a wide variety of
sources, about 82 percent of obligations came from the budget accounts
coded against international affairs, defense, or agriculture budget
functions and about 12 percent represents the estimated value of donated
commodities that came from excess U.S. government stock. Donations,
such as medical supplies and agricultural commodities from domestic
price support programs, were originally purchased with funds from
accounts coded against the defense and agriculture budget functions. The
remaining funds were classified under other budget functions, including
general science, energy, and health. (See table I.1.)
The U.S. government's budget is divided into 17 broad functional areas to provide for analyzing and
understanding the budget. The budget functional classification system is a way of grouping budgetary
resources so that federal spending can be presented according to the national needs being addressed.
The budget functional classifications are summarized in the U.S. government's annual budget. For a
description of the system see A Glossary of Terms Used in the Federal Budget Process: Exposure Draft
(GAO/AFMD 2.1.1, Jan., 1993).
During fiscal years 1992 through 1995, Congress appropriated a net amount of $3.67 billion under the
Freedom Support Act authority. This figure includes a $55 million fiscal year 1994 recision.
The net congressional funding for CTR during fiscal years 1992 to 1995 totaled $1.232 billion.
Congress authorized $400 million in transfer authority for the program in fiscal years 1992 and 1993
and appropriated $400 million in fiscal years 1994 and 1995. However, $348 million worth of funds
expired or lost transfer authority. Congress canceled an additional $20 million through a fiscal year
1995 recission.
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