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The U.S. agencies implemented programs in all 12 of the 
Nearly half of all U.S. expenditures were for programs with Russia.
However, when measured on a per capita basis, Armenia, Georgia, and
Kyrgyzstan received more than the other countries.
U.S. programs involved a wide diversity of program areas. About
two thirds of the total obligations were for food aid, private sector
development, emergency humanitarian assistance, disposition of weapons
of mass destruction, and democratic reform. The remaining funding was in
13 other program areas.
Appendix I presents additional information on the entire U.S. bilateral
program with the 
. Appendix II provides brief descriptions of all
215 programs implemented by 23 U.S. departments and independent
Agency Comments
All 23 agencies we collected information from were provided an
opportunity to comment on a draft of this report. None of the agencies
disagreed with the report. Some offered minor technical or editorial
corrections, which we have incorporated in the report.
Scope and
Our review included all U.S. bilateral programs involving the 
 for the
period fiscal year 1990 through December 1994. Previously, we reported
on program coordination and financial information for U.S. bilateral grant,
donation, and credit programs for fiscal years 1990 through 1993.
our earlier work, we identified 23 departments and independent agencies
with programs in the 
. Several departments and agencies had more than
one organization within the department or agency that implemented these
We used a data collection instrument to collect the financial and
programmatic information for this report and believe that we captured a
large majority of the programs implemented from fiscal year 1990 through
December 1994. However some agencies were unable to state definitively
they had identified and provided us information on all agency programs
and projects. We did not verify the accuracy and completeness of the
information provided to us.
Former Soviet Union: U.S. Bilateral Program Lacks Effective Coordination (GAO/NSIAD 95 10, Feb. 7,
1995). Our update of this report addresses improvements in the executive branch's coordination of
U.S. bilateral programs in the FSU (Former Soviet Union: An Update on Coordination of U.S.
Assistance and Economic Cooperation Programs (GAO/NSIAD 96 16).
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