Appendix H
Priceman features
Priceman is a very easy software program to use.  Although the features are  only
summarized in this appendix, most of the features are clearly documented in both the help
menus and program manual.  This appendix provides an overview of the main file
management, data management, analysis, and utility features in Priceman.
File management features
:  Priceman has the basic features that are available with almost all windows
programs, including the ability to create a new file, open an existing file, close a file,
and set preferences.
:  This feature allows the importing and exporting using simple text
formats (e.g., TXT and CVS).
:  This feature allows two Priceman data sets to be combined into one larger
data set.
Data management features
Data entry and editing
:  This feature allows the easy data entry and editing of market,
commodity, market group, or commodity group information.
Packing database
:  This feature similar to that provided in dBase allows for the
refreshing of the data set (an essential database management activity).
Data browser
:  This feature allows the examination of the data set while still in the
Data coverage
:  This feature allows a summary presentation of the number of months
of price data for each year by market and commodity.
Analysis features
Market/Commodity/Time Analysis
:  This feature allows the analysis of price data for
any combination of commodity and market for a specified time period.
Terms of Trade Analysis
:  This feature allows the comparison of relative prices
between two commodities (e.g., between millet and sheep, between maize and wages,
and so on).

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