For each staple food list the main 
 external markets and the location
of the local market that has direct linkages to that external market. If there are
more markets for any staple food then continue the list on another copy of
Appendix D.
Staple food
    Local market
     market                               link
1. ______________
_______________          _________________
                       _______________          _________________
                       _______________          _________________
2. ______________
_______________          _________________
                       _______________          _________________
                       _______________          _________________
3. ______________
_______________          _________________
                       _______________          _________________
Print out a map of the country at the national level for each of the commodities
listed above.
For each staple food draw on the map the regional markets that you identified as
important for the marketing of that commodity.  Next show the direction of the
movement of the commodity with arrows.
Write a brief summary of the insights you have gained during this process,
What are the major regional and international external markets for the
main staple foods in the country?
Do these flows occur each year or during an emergency?
Tips if the answers to the above questions are not easily available:
Try to identify any trade studies that have been done for your country.  A
good source to acquire these studies are universities, donors (who sometimes
fund these studies), other government ministry offices, and NGOs.
Visit some of the major traders and the World Food Programme in a country
and discuss the nature of trade for specific commodities.

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