6.4.2 Presentation suggestions
Keep it 
 (as already stated) and focus on one concept/message.
Keep the 
number and types of fonts
 simple (just because you have a bamboo font
does not mean it should be used!)  Keep a similar font style throughout a document.
There should be a size hierarchy of fonts.  Titles should be bigger than labels and
legend, which should be bigger than the source.  The choice of fonts should enhance
the document and not distract the reader.
The selection between 
color and black/white patterns
 depends on a number of
issues.  First, there is an issue of resources that are available for publication. Color is
more expensive and depending on the color selection often does not photocopy
well.  Second, how many copies are required?  If there are only a few copies
required, maybe making color presentations is not a problem.   Finally, who is the
intended audience? One suggestion is a combination of color and shading which will
present well in color, but will still be clear when photocopied or printed in black and
Appropriate size on page
 is also an important issue to consider.  Not all graphics
require a full page to present them in a useful way, especially if there is little detail
and the graphic illustrates a clear message.  The size depends also on the purpose.  A
small graphic may be appropriate for a document, but a full page graphic is always
useful for an overhead in an oral presentation.
Clear titles, labels, and source
 are essential.  This information should be clear
enough to inform the reader the issue presented in the graphic even if the
accompanying text is missing.

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