The SADC Regional Early Warning System (SADC/REWS) operates as an integrated
activity, comprising a 
Regional Early Warning Unit
 (REWU), based in Harare, and
National Early Warning Units
 (NEWUs) in each of the 14 SADC member
States.  Activities of the National Early Warning Units are coordinated by the REWU,
which acts as the Secretariat of the REWS.
The main 
 of the SADC Regional Early Warning System is to provide user groups
of early warning/food security information, particularly SADC member States and the
international community, with 
advance information on food security prospects in the
 through assessments of expected food production, food supplies and requirements.
The REWU thus is aimed at providing SADC, the member States and other user groups
with early warning and food security information on:
food crop performance;
crop failures and subsequent shortfalls expected in food availability; and
food stocks and projections of food needs.
The REWU compiles food security data for the SADC region, based on submissions from
the NEWUs via fax and e mail, and aggregates these for subsequent publication in a
Quarterly Food Security Bulletin
, supplemented by 
Monthly Food Security Updates
Similarly, the NEWUs themselves prepare national food security bulletins.  Ad hoc reports
are submitted directly to decision makers, as required.
The Famine Early Warning System Project (FEWS) is an USAID funded project managed
by the Associates in Rural Development (ARD, Inc.). FEWS is associated with SADC's
Food Security Technical and Administrative Unit (FSTAU) primarily through its
collaboration with the Regional Early Warning Unit (REWU) and the Regional Remote
Sensing Project (RRSP), and to a lesser degree other FSATU projects.  FEWS works with
both the REWU and the national early warning units in most SADC member countries.
This price manual was an agreed upon product that was requested by the Regional Early
Warning Unit to assist them in their support of the National Early Warning Units in SADC
member States.  Other manuals that are near completion include:  Thematic Mapping: A
Practical Guide for Early Warning  and  Vulnerability Analysis for SADC Countries: A
Suggested Approach for Early Warning Units .
The author would like to thank all people who provided useful comments in the completion
of this practical manual.

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