29. Some 40 of Saddam's relatives, including women and children, have been killed.
His sons in law Hussein and Saddam Kamil had defected in 1995 and returned
to Iraq from Jordan after the Iraqi government had announced amnesties for
them. They were executed in February 1996.
Human Rights  individual testimony
In December 1996, a Kurdish businessman from Baghdad was arrested
outside his house by plainclothes security men. Initially his family did not
know his whereabouts and went from one police station to another inquiring
about him. Then they found out that he was being held in the headquarters of
the General Security Directorate in Baghdad. The family was not allowed to
visit him. Eleven months later the family was told by the authorities that he
had been executed and that they should go and collect his body. His body
bore evident signs of torture. His eyes were gouged out and the empty eye
sockets filled with paper. His right wrist and left leg were broken. The family
was not given any reason for his arrest and subsequent execution. However,
they suspected that he was executed because of his friendship with a retired
army general who had links with the Iraqi opposition outside the country and
who was arrested just before his arrest and also executed.  (Source: Amnesty
Human Rights   individual testimony
  I saw a friend of mine, al Shaikh Nasser Taresh al Sa'idi, naked. He was
handcuffed and a piece of wood was placed between his elbows and his
knees. Two ends of the wood were placed on two high chairs and al Shaikh
Nasser was being suspended like a chicken. This method of torture is known
as al Khaygania (a reference to a former security director known as al 
Khaygani). An electric wire was attached to al Shaikh Nasser's penis and
another one attached to one of his toes.  He was asked if he could identify me
and he said  this is al Shaikh Yahya . They took me to another room and then
after about 10 minutes they stripped me of my clothes and a security officer
said  the person you saw has confessed against you . He said to me  You
followers of [Ayatollah] al Sadr have carried out acts harmful to the security
of the country and have been distributing anti government statements coming
from abroad . He asked if I have any contact with an Iraqi religious scholar
based in Iran who has been signing these statements. I said  I do not have any
contacts with him   I was then left suspended in the same manner as al 
Shaikh al Sa'idi. My face was looking upward. They attached an electric
wire on my penis and the other end of the wire is attached to an electric
motor. One security man was hitting my feet with a cable. Electric shocks
were applied every few minutes and were increased. I must have been
suspended for more than an hour. I lost consciousness. They took me to
another room and made me walk even though my feet were swollen from
beating  They repeated this method a few times.  (Source: Amnesty
International, testimony from an Iraqi theology student from Saddam City)
Printed in the United Kingdom by The Stationery Office Limited
ID 114567 9/2002 776073

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