Human Rights   mistreatment in Abu Ghraib Prison
Abdallah, a member of the Ba'ath Party whose loyalty became suspect was
imprisoned for four years at Abu Ghraib in the 1980s. On the second day of his
imprisonment, the men were forced to walk between two rows of five guards
each to receive their containers of food. While walking to get the food, they
were beaten by the guards with plastic telephone cables. They had to return to
their cells the same way, so that a walk to get breakfast resulted in twenty
lashes. According to Abdallah,  It wasn't that bad going to get the food, but
coming back the food was spilled when we were beaten.  The same procedure
was used when the men went to the bathroom. On the third day, the torture
continued.  We were removed from our cells and beaten with plastic pipes.
This surprised us, because we were asked no question. Possibly it was being
done to break our morale , Abdallah speculated. The torture escalated to
sixteen sessions daily. The treatment was organised and systematic. Abdallah
was held alone in a 3x2 meter room that opened onto a corridor.  We were
allowed to go to the toilet three times a day, then they reduced the toilet to once
a day for only one minute. I went for four years without a shower or a wash ,
Abdallah said. He also learned to cope with the deprivation and the hunger that
accompanied his detention:  I taught myself to drink a minimum amount of
water because there was no placed to urinate. They used wooden sticks to beat
us and sometimes the sticks would break. I found a piece of a stick, covered
with blood, and managed to bring it back to my room. I ate it for three days. A
person who is hungry can eat anything. Pieces of our bodies started falling off
from the beatings and our skin was so dry that it began to fall off. I ate pieces
of my own body.  No one, not Pushkin, not Mahfouz, can describe what
happened to us. It is impossible to describe what living this day to day was like.
I was totally naked the entire time. Half of the original groups [of about thirty
men] died. It was a slow type of continuous physical and psychological torture.
Sometimes, it seemed that orders came to kill one of us, and he would be
beaten to death . (Source: Human Rights Watch)
Saddam Hussein's family
27. Saddam's son Udayy maintained a private torture chamber known as the Red
Room in a building on the banks of the Tigris disguised as an electricity
installation. He created a militia in 1994 which has used swords to execute
victims outside their own homes. He has personally executed dissidents, for
instance in the Shia uprising at Basra which followed the Gulf War.
28. Members of Saddam's family are also subject to persecution. A cousin of
Saddam, Ala Abd al Qadir al Majid, fled to Jordan from Iraq citing
disagreements with the regime over business matters. He returned to Iraq after
the Iraqi Ambassador in Jordan declared publicly that his life was not in danger.
He was met at the border by Tahir Habbush, Head of the Directorate of General
Intelligence (the Mukhabarat), and taken to a farm owned by Ali Hasan al Majid.
At the farm Ala was tied to a tree and executed by members of his immediate
family who, following orders from Saddam, took it in turns to shoot him

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