Abuse of human rights 
24. This section draws on reports of human rights abuses from authoritative
international organisations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights
25. Human rights abuses continue within Iraq. People continue to be arrested and
detained on suspicion of political or religious activities or often because they are
related to members of the opposition. Executions are carried out without due
process of law. Relatives are often prevented from burying the victims in
accordance with Islamic practice. Thousands of prisoners have been executed. 
Human rights: abuses under Saddam Hussein
4000 prisoners were executed at Abu Ghraib Prison in 1984.
3000 prisoners were executed at the Mahjar Prison between 1993 and
About 2500 prisoners were executed between 1997 and 1999 in a  prison
cleansing  campaign. 
122 male prisoners were executed at Abu Ghraib prison in February/
March 2000. A further 23 political prisoners were executed there in
October 2001.
In October 2000 dozens of women accused of prostitution were beheaded
without any judicial process. Some were accused for political reasons.
Women prisoners at Mahjar are routinely raped by their guards. 
Methods of torture used in Iraqi jails include using electric drills to
mutilate hands, pulling out fingernails, knife cuts, sexual attacks and
`official rape'.
Prisoners at the Qurtiyya Prison in Baghdad and elsewhere are kept in
metal boxes the size of tea chests. If they do not confess they are left to
26. Saddam has issued a series of decrees establishing severe penalties for criminal
offences. These include amputation, branding, cutting off ears, and other forms
of mutilation. Anyone found guilty of slandering the President has their tongue

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