6. Once inspectors had arrived in Iraq, it quickly became apparent that the Iraqis
would resort to a range of measures (including physical threats and
psychological intimidation of inspectors) to prevent UNSCOM and the IAEA
from fulfilling their mandate. 
7. In response to such incidents, the President of the Security Council issued
frequent statements calling on Iraq to comply with its disarmament and
monitoring obligations.
Iraqi obstruction of UN weapons inspection teams 
firing warning shots in the air to prevent IAEA inspectors from
intercepting nuclear related equipment (June 1991); 
keeping IAEA inspectors in a car park for 4 days and refusing to allow
them to leave with incriminating documents on Iraq's nuclear weapons
programme (September 1991);
announcing that UN monitoring and verification plans were  unlawful 
(October 1991); 
refusing UNSCOM inspectors access to the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture.
Threats were made to inspectors who remained on watch outside the
building.  The inspection team had reliable evidence that the site
contained archives related to proscribed activities; 
in 1991 2 Iraq objected to UNSCOM using its own helicopters and
choosing its own flight plans. In January 1993 it refused to allow
UNSCOM the use of its own aircraft to fly into Iraq; 
refusing to allow UNSCOM to install remote controlled monitoring
cameras at two key missile sites (June July 1993); 
repeatedly denying access to inspection teams (1991  December 1998);
interfering with UNSCOM's helicopter operations, threatening the safety
of the aircraft and their crews (June 1997); 
demanding the end of U2 overflights and the withdrawal of US
UNSCOM staff (October 1997); 
destroying documentary evidence of programmes for weapons of mass
destruction (September 1997).
8. Iraq denied that it had pursued a biological weapons programme until July 1995.
In July 1995, Iraq acknowledged that biological agents had been produced on an
industrial scale at al Hakam. Following the defection in August 1995 of Hussein
Kamil, Saddam's son in law and former Director of the Military
Industrialisation Commission, Iraq released over 2 million documents relating to
its mass destruction weaponry programmes and acknowledged that it had

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