developed chemical agent warheads for al Hussein. Iraq admitted to
producing 50 chemical warheads for al Hussein which were intended for the
delivery of a mixture of sarin and cyclosarin. However, technical analysis of
warhead remnants has shown traces of VX degradation product which
indicate that some additional warheads were made and filled with VX;
al Samoud/Ababil 100 ballistic missiles (range 150km plus): it is unclear if
chemical and biological warheads have been developed for these systems,
but given the Iraqi experience on other missile systems, we judge that Iraq
has the technical expertise for doing so;
L 29 remotely piloted
vehicle programme (see
figure 3): we know from
intelligence that Iraq has
attempted to modify the L 
29 jet trainer to allow it to be
used as an Unmanned Aerial
Vehicle (UAV) which is
potentially capable of
delivering chemical and
biological agents over a
large area. 
Chemical and biological warfare: command and control
15. The authority to use chemical and biological weapons ultimately resides with
Saddam but intelligence indicates that he may have also delegated this authority
to his son Qusai. Special Security Organisation (SSO) and Special Republican
Guard (SRG) units would be involved in the movement of any chemical and
biological weapons to military units. The Iraqi military holds artillery and
missile systems at Corps level throughout the Armed Forces and conducts
regular training with them. The Directorate of Rocket Forces has operational
control of strategic missile systems and some Multiple Launcher Rocket
Chemical and biological weapons: summary
16. Intelligence shows that Iraq has covert chemical and biological weapons
programmes, in breach of UN Security Council Resolution 687 and has
continued to produce chemical and biological agents. Iraq has:
chemical and biological agents and weapons available, both from pre Gulf
War stocks and more recent production; 
the capability to produce the chemical agents mustard gas, tabun, sarin,
cyclosarin, and VX capable of producing mass casualties;

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