rebuilt, other plants formerly associated with the chemical warfare programme
have been rebuilt. These include the chlorine and phenol plant at Fallujah 2 near
Habbaniyah. In addition to their civilian uses, chlorine and phenol are used for
precursor chemicals which contribute to the production of chemical agents. 
9. Other dual use facilities, which are capable of being used to support the
production of chemical agent and precursors, have been rebuilt and re equipped.
New chemical facilities have been built, some with illegal foreign assistance,
and are probably fully operational or ready for production. These include the Ibn
Sina Company at Tarmiyah (see figure 1), which is a chemical research centre.
It undertakes research, development and production of chemicals previously
imported but not now available and which are needed for Iraq's civil industry.
The Director General of the research centre is Hikmat Na'im al Jalu who prior
to the Gulf War worked in Iraq's nuclear weapons programme and after the war
was responsible for preserving Iraq's chemical expertise.
10. Parts of the al Qa'qa' chemical complex damaged in the Gulf War have also
been repaired and are operational. Of particular concern are elements of the
phosgene production plant at al Qa'qa'. These were severely damaged during
the Gulf War, and dismantled under UNSCOM supervision, but have since been
rebuilt. While phosgene does have industrial uses it can also be used by itself as
a chemical agent or as a precursor for nerve agent. 
11. Iraq has retained the expertise for chemical warfare research, agent production
and weaponisation. Most of the personnel previously involved in the programme
remain in country. While UNSCOM found a number of technical manuals (so
called  cook books ) for the production of chemical agents and critical
precursors, Iraq's claim to have unilaterally destroyed the bulk of the
documentation cannot be confirmed and is almost certainly untrue. Recent
intelligence indicates that Iraq is still discussing methods of concealing such
documentation in order to ensure that it is not discovered by any future UN

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