9. Iraq used significant quantities of mustard, tabun and sarin during the war with
Iran resulting in over 20,000 Iranian casualties. A month after the attack on
Halabja, Iraqi troops used over 100 tonnes of sarin against Iranian troops on the
al Fao peninsula. Over the next three months Iraqi troops used sarin and other
nerve agents on Iranian troops causing extensive casualties. 
The Attack on Halabja
On Friday 17th March 1988 the village of Halabja was bombarded by Iraqi
warplanes.  The raid was over in minutes. Saddam Hussein used chemical
weapons against his own people. A Kurd described the effects of a chemical
attack on another village:
 My brothers and my wife had blood and vomit running from their noses and
their mouths. Their heads were tilted to one side. They were groaning.  I
couldn't do much, just clean up the blood and vomit from their mouths and
try in every way to make them breathe again. I did artificial respiration on
them and then I gave them two injections each. I also rubbed creams on my
wife and two brothers. 
(From  Crimes Against Humanity  Iraqi National Congress.)
Among the corpses at Halabja, children were found dead where they had
been playing outside their homes. In places, streets were piled with corpses.  
10. From Iraqi declarations to the UN after the Gulf War we know that by 1991
Iraq had produced a variety of delivery means for chemical and biological agents
including over 16,000 free fall bombs and over 110,000 artillery rockets and
shells. Iraq also admitted to the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) that it had
50 chemical and 25 biological warheads available for its ballistic missiles.

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