strategic interests, and in particular his goal of regional domination. And the document
discloses that his military planning allows for some of the WMD to be ready within
45 minutes of an order to use them. 
I am quite clear that Saddam will go to extreme lengths, indeed has already done so, to
hide these weapons and avoid giving them up.
In today's inter dependent world, a major regional conflict does not stay confined to the
region in question. Faced with someone who has shown himself capable of using WMD,
I believe the international community has to stand up for itself and ensure its authority
is upheld.
The threat posed to international peace and security, when WMD are in the hands of a
brutal and aggressive regime like Saddam's, is real. Unless we face up to the threat, not
only do we risk undermining the authority of the UN, whose resolutions he defies, but
more importantly and in the longer term, we place at risk the lives and prosperity of our
own people.
The case I make is that the UN Resolutions demanding he stops his WMD programme
are being flouted; that since the inspectors left four years ago he has continued with this
programme; that the inspectors must be allowed back in to do their job properly; and that
if he refuses, or if he makes it impossible for them to do their job, as he has done in the
past, the international community will have to act.
I believe that faced with the information available to me, the UK Government has been
right to support the demands that this issue be confronted and dealt with. We must ensure
that he does not get to use the weapons he has, or get hold of the weapons he wants.

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