The  troubleshooting  chapter  explains  how  you  should  go  about 
resolving issues you have. The main sources of information available 
to users are: 
  The manual   most issues can be solved by reading the manual. 
  The GFI knowledgebase   accessible from the GFI website. 
  The GFI support site. 
  Contacting  the  GFI  support  department  by  email  at
  Contacting  the  GFI  support  department  using  our  live  support 
service at
  Contacting our support department by telephone. 
GFI  maintains  a  knowledgebase,  which  includes  answers  to  most 
common  problems.  If  you  have  a  problem,  please  consult  the 
knowledgebase first. The knowledgebase always has the most up to 
date listing of support questions and patches. 
The knowledgebase can be found on 
Request support via e mail 
If,  after  using  the  knowledgebase  and  this  manual,  you  have  any 
problems  that  you  cannot  solve,  you  can  contact  the  GFI  support 
department.  The  best  way  to  do  this  is  via  e mail,  since  you  can 
include vital information as an attachment that will enable us to solve 
the issues you have more quickly. 
,  included  in  the  program  group,  generates 
automatically  a  series  of  files  needed  for  GFI  to  give  you  technical 
support.  The  files  would  include  the  configuration  settings  etc.  To 
generate  these  files,  start  the  troubleshooter  and  follow  the 
instructions in the application.  
In addition to collecting all the information, it also asks you a number 
of  questions.  Please  take  your  time  to  answer  these  questions 
accurately.  Without  the  proper  information  it  will  not  be  possible  to 
diagnose your problem. 
Then  go  to  the  support  directory,  located  under  the  main  program 
ZIP  the  files
,  and  send  the  generated  files  to  

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