GFI MailSecurity VS API scanning modes 
Pro active scanning 
In this mode, new messages get submitted to the queue for scanning 
upon  receipt.  However  if  an  e mail  client  accesses  a  new  message, 
scanning of this message will receive higher priority.  
This is the recommended scanning mode. 
Background scanning 
In this mode, all EXISTING messages in the store are scanned. This 
setting will cause GFI MailSecurity to scan all messages in the stores. 
Depending on how many messages you have in the stores, Exchange 
& GFI MailSecurity will be very busy for a period of time after enabling 
this option. If you want to do this, we suggest switching it on the first 
time  during  the  night,  so  that  the  bulk  of  the  scanning  work  can  be 
done during the night. 
For more information about scanning modes:;EN US;q285667 
Adding additional local domains 
This section applies only to the SMTP Gateway mode
GFI  MailSecurity  needs  to  know  what  your  local  domains  are  to  be 
able to know if a mail is inbound or outbound. During installation, GFI 
MailSecurity  will  import  local  domains  from  the  IIS  SMTP  service.  If 
however you wish to add or remove local domains afterwards, you can 
do  so  from  the  local  domains  tab  in  the  general  >  general  settings 
node properties: 
 General options 

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