Note  about  Proxy  servers
:  GFI  MailSecurity  uses  Internet  Explorer 
settings  to  download,  so  if  you  use  a  proxy  server,  you  must  setup 
Internet Explorer to work correctly with that proxy server. 
Note  about  Firewall  &  FTP:
  If  you  are  behind  a  firewall,  and  have 
selected to use active FTP, you have to enable an FTP connection on 
the firewall which lets the machine where GFI MailSecurity is installed 
open  an  FTP  connection  (PORT  21  &  20)  to  host  or
  For  a  description  how  to make  this set up  with  Microsoft 
ISA server, see the chapter  Advanced Use .  If you have a firewall, do 
not  select  passive  FTP.  We  recommend  using  HTTP  if  you  have  a 
  If  you  don't  wish  to  configure  your  firewall  to  allow  FTP 
downloads, simply select HTTP as the download mode 
If downloading fails: 
If the download of the virus update files fails, a 
MailSecurity/debuglogs  directory.  If  this  happens,  please  send  these 
files to 
VS API Scanning modes 
This section applies only to the Exchange VS API mode 
If  you  have  installed  GFI  MailSecurity  in  VS  API  mode,  the  general 
settings dialog will contain a VS API tab.  
Here  you  can configure  the  VS API  Scanning  mode:  You  can  select 
the type of VS API scanning mode that you want GFI MailSecurity to 
GFI  MailSecurity  supports  all  3  VS  API  scanning  modes.  These 
scanning modes  are  part  of  VS  API.  You  can  select  which  scanning 
mode GFI MailSecurity should use from the General options > VS API 
The VS API tab is located in the general properties dialog, which can 
be accessed by right clicking on the general > general settings node 
and selecting properties. VS API provides 3 scanning modes. Two of 
these  modes,  on  demand  and  pro  active,  are  mutually  exclusive, 
where as background scanning can be turned on as an option in either 
On demand scanning 
In this mode, a new message gets scanned as it gets accessed by the 
e mail  client.  That means  there  will  be  a  short  delay  before  the  user 
can access the message. 
General options 

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