Server name:
 All notifications and quarantined mails are sent via the 
SMTP  service  or  Exchange  Server.  By  default  the  server  on  which 
GFI  MailSecurity  is  installed  is  used.  If  you  need  to  change  this  to 
another machine, you can do so here. 
The Verify button allows you to verify that GFI MailSecurity can send 
mail via this server. 
Update options 
Configuring update options 
The  options  for  updating  Virus  definitions,  Email  Exploits  and  Trojan 
and  Executable  scanner  definitions  are  configured  from  the  Updates 
tab in the General properties dialog. In this tab you can configure: 
  Whether to check for updates on the internet 
  Or download updates from a directory on your network. This option 
is useful if you have many MailSecurity servers and you prefer to 
download the updates to a single central location. 
If you select to check updates from the internet, you have to select 2 
further options: 
Download mode 
You  can  select  between  HTTP,  active  FTP  or  passive  FTP.  We 
recommend using active FTP or HTTP. Using HTTP saves you having 
to configure the firewall. 
Preferred Update server 
You can select a preferred update server. Select if you 
are  located  in  the  US/Canada  and  if  you  are 
located in Europe or other part of the world. 
 General options 

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