Remote monitoring & administration 
Installing the remote monitor/configuration 
GFI  MailSecurity  can  be  configured  and  monitored  remotely.  To  be 
able  to  monitor  and  configure  GFI  MailSecurity  remotely,  you  must 
first install the GFI MailSecurity remote admin tools. 
The GFI MailSecurity remote monitor 
The  set up  for  these  tools  can  be  found  in  the  GFI  MailSecurity 
subdirectory  remote install . To install the remote monitor: 
1.  Go  to  the  machine  on  which  you  wish  to  install  the  remote 
2.  In  Windows  explorer,  browse  to  the  machine  running  GFI 
MailSecurity,  and  go  to  the  remoteinstall  share.  Double click 
 and follow the set up instructions. 
3.  You  will  be  asked  to  specify  the  machine  name  where  GFI 
MailSecurity is running. When set up is finished, you can go to the GFI 
MailSecurity  admin  tools  program  group  to  configure  or  monitor  the 
GFI MailSecurity server remotely. 
NOTE:  If  you  can t  access  the  share,  set up  read  and  write 
permissions to the following directories: 
\RemoteInstall (sharename  RemoteInstall) 
\Data (sharename Data) 
<%RootDrive%>\Program Files\Common Files\GFi Shared\GFIM\Data (sharename GFIMDat) 
Check  that  you  can  actually  read  and  write  to  the  shares  from  the 
machine where the Remote admin tools will be installed. 
Note:  By  default  only  administrators  have  access  to  the  remote 
monitor and configuration share. If you add additional users, you have 
to give users access to the share. 
Configuring & monitoring GFI MailSecurity remotely  
To configure GFI MailSecurity remotely: 
Remote monitoring & administration 

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