Now move the slider to select what risk level of executables you want 
to let through: 
  High  Security:  Quarantines  almost  all  executables.    If  the 
executable contains any signature it will get quarantined. 
  Medium  Security:  Quarantines  suspicious  executables.    If  the 
executable contains 1 high risk signature or a combination of high 
risk and low risk signatures it will get quarantined. 
  Low  Security:  Quarantines  executables  which  are  most  probably 
malicious.  If the executable contains at least 1 high risk signature 
it will get quarantined. 
Skip attachment checking 
If  an  executable  is  quarantined  because  of  its  risk  level,  the 
administrator  must  approve  or  reject  the  executable.  You  can 
configure  GFI  MailSecurity  to  then  bypass  the  attachment  checking 
module, in order to avoid the file being quarantined again. To do this, 
tick the check box next to `Skip Attachment checking if the executable 
is approved'  
Trojan & Executable scanner update settings 
Configuring Trojan & exe scanner definition updates 
You can configure the Trojan & Executable Scanner to automatically 
download  new  updates  as  they  come  available.  This  can  be 
configured from the updates tab of the Trojan and Executable scanner 
properties  dialog.  To  access  this  dialog  right  click  on  the  Trojan  & 
Executable Scanner node, right click and select properties. 
To enable checking for updates, ensure that the `Automatically check 
for  updates  option  is  ticked'.  You  can  then  choose  to  automatically 
download  the  updates  or  just  be  notified  when  new  updates  are 
The Trojan & Executable Scanner 

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