The Trojan executable scanner configuration 
How the Trojan & executable scanner works 
GFI  MailSecurity  takes  a  different  approach  by  including  built in 
intelligence  to  rate  the  risk level  of  an  executable.  It  decompiles  the 
executable, and detects in real time what the executable might do. It 
compares  these  actions  to a  database  of malicious  actions  and  then 
rates the risk level of the executable. This way, potentially dangerous, 
unknown  or  one off  Trojans  can  be  detected  before  they  enter  your 
Configuring the Trojan & Executable scanner 
The Trojan & Executable scanner can be configured from the Trojan & 
Executable  scanner  node.  If  you  select  the  Trojan  &  Executable 
Scanner  node,  the  checks  that  the  Trojan  executable  scanner 
performs are listed in the right hand side pane. However this is just for 
informational purposes. 
The  main  configuration  option  is  selecting  the  security  level  of  the 
Trojan & Executable scanner. What this does is determine what level 
of risk you allow an executable to have before it is quarantined. High 
Security  quarantines  almost  all  executables.  Low  security  will  allow 
many executables through. 
Configuring security level 
Selecting the security level. 
To  configure  the  security  level,  right  click  on  the  Trojan  Executable 
scanner node and select properties.  
 The Trojan & Executable Scanner 

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