The Trojan & Executable Scanner 
Introduction to the Trojan & executable scanner 
GFI  MailSecurity  8  includes  an  advanced  Trojan  and  executable 
scanner,  which  is  able  to  analyze  what  an  executable  does,  and 
quarantine  any  executables  (for  example  Trojans)  which  perform 
suspicious activities. 
What Is A Trojan Horse? 
The Trojan Horse got its name from the old mythical story about how 
the  Greeks  gave  their  enemy  a  huge  wooden  horse  as  a  gift  during 
the  war.  The  enemy  accepted  this  gift  and  they  brought  it  into  their 
kingdom,  and  during  the  night,  Greek soldiers crept  out  of  the  horse 
and attacked the city. 
In  computers  a  Trojan  horse  is  a  way  to  enter  a  victims  computer 
undetected,  allowing  unrestricted  access  to  the  data  stored  on  that 
computer to the attacker, causing great damage to the victim, just like 
the citizens of Troy. 
A  Trojan  can  be  hidden,  as  a  program  that  is  being  run  on  your 
computer  which  you  don't  know  about,  or  it  can  be  `wrapped'  into  a 
legitimate  program meaning  that  a  program  that  you  use might  have 
hidden functions that you don't know about. 
Difference between Trojans and Viruses 
The difference between Trojans and Viruses is that Trojans are often 
`one off'  executables,  targeted  towards  a  specific  user  to  obtain 
specific  information.  Anti  virus software, which  is  `signature based'  is 
unable  to  detect  these  types  of  Trojans.  In  deed  any  software  that 
uses signatures only to detect malicious software will not be effective 
in detecting these threats (including specialized anti Trojan software). 
Signature based software can only detect known viruses and Trojans, 
which  is  why  they  need  frequent  updates.  However,  these  types  of 
software will never get to know about these one off Trojans. 
The Trojan & Executable Scanner 

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