You can configure what GFI MailSecurity should do with an email that 
contains  an  email  exploit.  You  can either  quarantine  or  delete  the  e 
mail.  You  can  change  this  setting  by  right clicking  on  the  exploit 
engine node, and selecting properties.  
Email exploit update settings 
Configuring exploit updates 
You can configure the Email Exploit engine to automatically download 
new exploits as they come available. This can be configured from the 
updates tab of the Email Exploit general properties dialog. To access 
this dialog right click on the Email Exploit Engine node, right click and 
select properties. 
To enable checking for updates, ensure that the `Automatically check 
for  updates  option  is  ticked'.  You  can  then  choose  to  automatically 
download  the  updates  or  just  be  notified  when  new  updates  are 
available.    You  can  specify  the  interval  under  the  `Download/Check 
every:' option. 
Triggering the update manually 
You can trigger a manual download of the updates by clicking on the 
 Download updates now  button. 
Update options 
General  update  options,  for  example  download  mode  and  download 
location, can be configured from the General > General settings node 
in  the  MailSecurity  configuration.  For  more  information  on  general 
update  options,  please  see  the  General  Options  chapter,  paragraph 
update options. 
The Email Exploit engine 

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