Triggering the virus update manually 
You can trigger a manual download of the virus updates by clicking on 
the  Download updates now  button. 
Update options 
General  update  options,  for  example  download  mode  and  download 
location,  can  be  configured  General  >  General  settings  node  in  the 
MailSecurity  configuration.  For  more  information  on  general  update 
options,  please  see  the  General  Options  chapter,  paragraph  update 
Norman Web site 
For more information about the virus patterns included in the Norman 
Virus Control (NVC) engine, go to the NVC website at: 
BitDefender configuration 
To configure the BitDefender engine: 
1.  Go  to  the  Virus  scanning  engines  >  BitDefender  node,  right  click 
and select properties. 
2. Enable virus checking for inbound/internal and/or outbound mail. 
The  anti  virus  engine  options  are  identical  to  the  options  for  the 
Norman engine. For a description, see the paragraph on the Norman 
Virus Control configuration. 
Configuring the BitDefender anti virus engine 
BitDefender Web site 
For  more  information  about  the  virus  patterns  included  in  the 
BitDefender engine, go to the BitDefender website at: 
 Configuring Virus checking 

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