Microsoft Office macro settings 
3.  Norman  Virus  Control  also  allows  you  to  block  Office  documents 
that contain macros. You can select one of the following options: 
Do not check macros (not recommended)
   This option will cause 
GFI  MailSecurity  to  ignore  macros  and  just  rely  on  the  anti  virus 
engine to check for new viruses. 
Block  all  documents  containing  macros
     This  option  will 
quarantine all Microsoft Office attachments that contain macros. 
Blocking word macros 
It is highly recommended to quarantine all macros. This will effectively 
protect you 100% from any unknown macro viruses. Some macros are 
not viruses, but macros received via the Internet are highly suspicious. 
Of course the Virus engine will check for known viruses, but new email 
viruses  can  spread  so  fast  that  your  system  can  become  infected 
before the virus signatures has been updated. (This happens with all 
anti virus engines). 
In  addition,  malicious  hackers,  could  use  a  custom  made  macro 
embedded  in  a  word  document  to  attack  your  company  to  install  a 
Trojan or obtain confidential information.  
Norman scanner engine information
4. The section in the general tab displays the scanning engine version 
as well as the date of the current signature files. 
Virus updates settings 
Virus updates settings 
You can set up virus update settings from the updates tab. To enable 
checking for updates, ensure that the `Automatically check for updates 
option is ticked'. You can then choose to automatically download the 
updates or just be notified when new updates are available.  You can 
specify the interval under the `Download/Check every:' option. 
Configuring Virus checking 

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