that  local  machine.  For  more  information  on  securing  IIS,  please 
review the IIS documentation.  
Be sure not to allow anonymous access! 
6.  Now  restrict  access  to  the  accounts  you  want  by  using  NTFS 
permissions. Open up Explorer and navigate to the wwwroot subfolder 
under  RemoteModerator  folder  in  the  MailSecurity  installation  path. 
Right click on the `wwwroot' sub folder and select properties and then 
the Security tab. 
7.  Add  /  remove  the  users  /  groups  you  want  to  allow  access  to  the 
Remote Moderator Client. To allow access only to users forming part 
of  the  administrators  group  you  would  set  the  security  tab  as  in  the 
screenshot.  Click  OK.  You  have  now  secure  the  web  based 
Setting the Web based Moderator NTFS permissions. 
If you are using GFI DownloadSecurity: 
You need to exclude the URL of the web based moderator, in order to 
avoid duplicate quaranting of files. To do this: 
Open  up  the  ISA  Management  console.    Expand  the  Server 
node  where  GFI  DownloadSecurity  is  installed,  and  go  to  the 
Extensions     Web  Filters  sub  node.  Right click  on  the 
DownloadSecurity filter item in the right pane of the ISA Management 
In  the  DownloadSecurity  Filter  Properties  dialog  box,  add  the 
domain of the server where you have installed the Remote Moderator 
Client,  to  the  Do  not  scan  these  URL's  list.  Press  the  OK  button  to 
close  the  dialog  box.  This  will  cause  GFI  DownloadSecurity  not  to 
check files on the web based moderator website. 

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