Settings in Application Configuration dialog. 
Press OK once again in the properties dialog box to close it.   
Securing the web based moderator 
Since the Remote Moderator Client provides administrative control on 
messages  and  files,  quarantined  by  GFI  MailSecurity  or  GFI 
DownloadSecurity,  it  is  important  that  proper  authentication  is 
There are three ways to secure the Remote Moderator Client. These 
are  Basic  Authentication,  Digest  and  Integrated  Windows 
Authentication.  Integrated  Windows  Authentication  is  the  preferred 
choice  in  an  Active  Directory  environment,  because  it  makes  the 
authentication  process  seamless,  since  initially  it  does  not  prompt 
users for their user name or password information. Rather, it uses the 
current  Windows  user  information  on  the  client  computer  for 
authentication.  If  you  are  installing  GFI  MailSecurity  on  a  DMZ,  you 
must use Basic authentication. 
The  following  steps  show  how  to  secure  access  to  the  Web  based 
1.  Open  up  Internet  Services  Manager.  Right  click  on  the  Remote 
Moderator  Client  virtual  directory  under  your  server  web  site  and 
select properties. 
2.  Under  the  Virtual  Directory  tab  make  sure  to  deselect  Directory 
3.  Select  the  Documents  tab  and  remove  all  the  default  documents. 
Add the following default document `main.asp'.  

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