a  ticket  number,  giving  the  user  24  hours  to  forward  the  mail  or 
attachment to the original recipient. The user can modify the body of 
this approval ticket mail, but not the attachment.  
Setting up the web based moderator 
In order to use the web based moderator, you  will need to setup the 
moderator via the IIS configuration. To do this, follow these steps: 
The  MailSecurity  installation  installs  all  the  necessary  files  in 
the  MailSecurity\RemoteModerator  folder.  This  folder  contains  a  sub 
folder wwwroot, which contains the Web based Moderator files.  
Creating the virtual directory. 
To use the Web based moderator, you need to create a virtual 
directory  in  IIS,  pointing  to  the  wwwroot  folder.  To  do  this,  open  up 
Internet Services Manager, right click on the Web Site node, and from 
the popup menu select New   Virtual Directory.  
Naming a Virtual Directory Alias. 
This will start the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard. Click Next 
to continue. Now you need to give the alias for the virtual directory. In 

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