Lists  all  messages  that  GFI  MailSecurity  has 
generated  regarding  events  that  happened,  such  as  updating  the 
virus definition files. To view these simply click on the appropriate 
heading in the `Viewing' section. 
Quarantined mail from the user point of view 
The  quarantining  of  mail  is  largely  transparent  to  the  mail  user.  It 
differs  slightly  depending  on  which  mode  you  are  running  GFI 
MailSecurity in. 
If running in SMTP gateway mode 
For inbound & outbound mail, users will receive the quarantined mail 
or attachment as soon as the administrator approves it.  
If running in VS API Exchange mode 
For  inbound  mail,  users  will  receive  the  quarantined  email  or 
attachment as soon as the administrator approves it.  
For  outbound  mail  however,  the  procedure  is  a  little  more  complex. 
This is due to the fact that GFI MailSecurity does not receive recipient 
information via VS API, and therefore, GFI MailSecurity will generate a 
mail that the user has to forward to the original recipient.  
Forwarding an attachment that got quarantined to the original recipient 
Ticketing system (VS API mode) 
The  system  that  allows  outbound  mails  to  be  sent  after  they  have 
been  quarantined  is  called  the  ticketing  system.  Basically  what 
happens is that a new message, containing the file attachment or the 
original mail that was quarantined is sent to the user, accompanied by 

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