4.  To  approve  or  reject  a  mail,  expand  the  quarantined  mail  by 
clicking  on  the  arrow  to  the  right  of  the  mail.  The  reason  for 
quarantining  the  mail  will  be  listed.  You  can  view  the  mail  by 
clicking  on  the show  email link.  You  can  view  the  headers  of  the 
mail by clicking on the headers.txt link 
Viewing email content in the remote moderator 
5.  You can then either approve or reject the WHOLE MAIL or just a 
particular MAIL PART: 
  To approve or reject the whole mail, tick the check box in front 
of the mail and select Delete, Delete & Notify or Approve in the 
`Messages' section to the left of the mail. 
  To approve or reject a mail part, click on the appropriate button 
just below the mail part. 
Approving mail using the web based moderator 
6.  Besides quarantined mails, you can view: 
Critical Failures:
 Lists all processing errors 

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