Approve  Message:
  This  will  approve  the  message  and  it  will 
automatically be sent to the recipient. 
Delete Message:
 This will delete the message. 
Delete and Notify:
 This action will delete the message, and notify the 
sender that the message was not sent out. 
You can select your preferred action. Note that you can also forward 
the mail directly to the recipient, or to another user using the forward 
function of your e mail client. 
You can notify the user automatically about the outcome of the quarantine 
Approving/rejecting mail using the Moderator Client 
When email is quarantined, it is also listed in the moderator client. The 
moderator client lists all the emails that have been quarantined. This 
utility  allows  you  to  approve  or  reject  messages  in  a  more  `high 
volume'  fashion,  since  you  can  approve/reject  multiple  messages  in 
one go. The moderator client is slightly different depending on whether 
you have installed GFI MailSecurity in VS API or in Gateway mode. If 
installed  in  Gateway  mode,  GFI  MailSecurity  will  allow  you  to  delete 
an  entire  mail,  not  only  a  message  part.  In  addition  if  a  mail  has 
multiple `offending' parts, then they will be grouped. 
The moderator client   gateway version 

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