Quarantine options 
Quarantine options 
In the Quarantine options tab you can specify how you want approved 
quarantined items to be delivered to recipients: 
Always  send  file  as  attachment:
  This  option  always  attaches  the 
quarantined item in e mail. If using GFI DownloadSecurity, this option 
is  not  recommended,  because  mail  could  slow  down  if  the  user 
downloads a very large file. 
Send link instead of attachment if file exceeds a number of bytes:
This option sends a link if the file is large. 
Always send link instead of attachment:
 This option always send a 
Configure a manager in Active Directory 
This option is only available if you have Active Directory 
To configure a manager of a user in Active Directory: 
1. Start Active Directory Users & Computers and go to the users node, 
2. Now select the user for whom you want to configure the manager. 
Double click to bring up the user s properties. 
3.  Go  to  the  Organization  tab.  Now  click  on  the  manager  button  to 
specify the user s manager 

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