When an email does not pass the `content check' and is quarantined 
by  GFI  MailSecurity,  the  email  has  to  be  reviewed  by  an  authorized 
person  (from  now  on  called  the  administrator)  and  then  approved  or 
In  GFI  MailSecurity  this  review  process can  be done in  the  following 
1. Via an HTML email to the administrator 
2. Via an HTML email sent to a public folder. 
3. Via an HTML email to the users manager/supervisor 
4. Using the moderator client 
5. Using the web based moderator 
The advantage of using HTML email, is that the process is proactive, 
i.e. the moderator does not need to remember to check the moderator 
In  addition,  e mails  can  be  approved/rejected  directly  from  an  e mail 
client, anywhere on the network. Furthermore, it allows the burden of 
moderating  emails  to  be  distributed  either  amongst  the  managers  of 
the  users,  or  to  a  public  folder.  By  giving  access  to  more  then  one 
person to the public folder, the moderating burden can be divided. 
The advantage of using either the moderator client or the web based 
moderator  is  that  the  interface  is  optimized  for  faster/batch 
approving/rejecting of mails. 
Quarantine options 
You can set up how mail should be quarantined from the Quarantine 
options  node  in  the  GFI  MailSecurity  configuration.  To  do  this,  right 
click  on  the  Quarantine  options  node  and  bring  up  the  Quarantine 
options properties. 

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