Specifying actions to be taken 
5. After you have specified what the attachment rule should check for, 
you  can  now  specify  what  should  be  done  if  GFI  MailSecurity  finds 
that type of attachment. You can choose from the following options: 
Block  attachment  &  perform  action:
  Enabling  this  will  block  the 
attachment  and  allow  you  to  either  quarantine,  delete  or  move  the 
Quarantine  attachment:
  This  will  quarantine  the  attachment  for 
review by an administrator. For more information on quarantining, see 
the chapter on Quarantining. 
Delete attachment:
 This option will delete the attachment 
Delete  e mail:
  (Gateway  version  only)    This  option  will  delete  the 
entire e mail. 
Move attachment to folder:
 This option will move the attachment to a 
The following notification options are available 
Notify user via mail: 
This option allows you to notify the user via e 
mail that the attachment was blocked.  
Notify  manager  via  mail:
  This  option  allows  you  to  notify  the  users 
manager via e mail that the attachment was blocked. The manager of 
a user is specified in Active Directory.  If no manager is specified the 
default  manager  is  notified.  The  default  manager  can  be  configured 
from the quarantine options node. 
Note: This option is only available if you have Active Directory. If you 
don't  have  Active  Directory,  the  option  is  called   Notify  Administrator 
via e mail . The administrator email address can be configured in the 
quarantine options dialog.  
Log  occurrence  of  rule  to  this  file
:  Optionally  you  can  log  the fact 
that a rule was `activated' to a log file of your choice. 
Note: You can also choose not to block the attachment, but simply to 
notify the user or to log the occurrence of it. 
Applying the rule to users 
6.  After  you  have  configured  what  to  check  for  and  what  to  do,  you 
can  specify  for  which  users  GFI  MailSecurity  will  apply  this  rule.  By 
default, GFI MailSecurity will apply the rule to all email. However, you 
can  choose  to  apply  the  rule  to  only  a  few  users.  This  can  be  done 
from the users tab. 
 Configuring Content & Attachment checking 

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