3. Specify  whether to apply  this rule to inbound  mails, internal mails, 
outbound  mails  or  all.  To  understand  how  GFI  MailSecurity 
determines  whether  a  mail  is  inbound,  internal  or  outbound,  see  the 
chapter  Advanced Use . 
Checking attachments 
4.  Specify  which  attachments  to  block.  You  can  specify  a  list  of 
attachments  types  or  names  to  block,  or  you  can  specify  a  list  of 
attachments which are allowed through, such as doc or txt. 
Adding a file type or file name to block 
To add a file to block, click on the `Add' button. You can use asterisk 
(*)  wildcards  to  specify  file  names  that  have  certain  strings  in  the 
name. For example specifying *orders*.mdb blocks files which contain 
the string  orders  in the file name. *.jpg will block all jpg files. 
You  can  also  block  attachments  based  on  size.  To  do  this  simply 
select `Block files greater than' and enter attachment size. 
The attachment checking rule `Actions' tab. 
Configuring Content & Attachment checking 

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