To add users, select add. GFI MailSecurity will automatically list all the 
users listed in Active Directory. If you do not have Active Directory, all 
known/imported SMTP addresses will be listed. 
You can then select to which users to apply the rule. Alternatively you 
can select the users to which the rule should not apply! You can also 
apply  the rule to one or  more mail enabled public folders. When you 
are  ready  specifying  to  which  users  the  rule  will  apply,  click  OK  to 
save the rule. 
Renaming the rule 
After you have created and saved the rule, you can rename it. To do 
this, simply right click on the rule and select `rename'. 
 Creating an attachment checking rule 
An  attachment  checking  rule  allows  you  to  block  attachments  of  a 
certain  type.  The  attachment  checking  rule  differs  from  the  content 
checking  rule  in  that  it  only  checks  for  a  type  of  attachment.  The 
content  checking  rule  checks  attachments  also,  but  only  for  words 
contained in them. 
If  running  in  Exchange  VSAPI  mode: 
Be  careful  when  applying 
attachment  rules!  Some  MAPI  applications  running  on  Exchange 
might be using vbs or exe files. You need to ensure that if this is the 
case, you don't apply rules to quarantine exe or vbs files to mailboxes 
used by those applications. 
To create an attachment checking rule: 
1.  Highlight  the  Attachment  checking  node  in  the  GFI  MailSecurity 
configuration. Right click and select New> Attachment checking rule. 
2.  A  new  rule  will  be  created  in  the  right  pane.  Double click  on  this 
rule. A tabbed dialog will appear. 
The attachment checking rule 
 Configuring Content & Attachment checking 

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