Adding a keyword or phrase 
Adding keywords 
If you only wish to check for single words or phrases, you do not need 
to create a condition. In this case you can just add a keyword. Select 
 Add  Keyword   to  do  this.  If  you  enter  multiple  words,  then  GFI 
MailSecurity  will  search  for  that  phrase.  For  example  if  you  enter 
Basketball  sports,  then  GFI  MailSecurity  will  check  for  the  phrase 
 Basketball  sports .  Only  this  phrase  would  activate  the  rule,  not  only 
the word basketball OR sports. 
5. By default, only the message body of the mail will be checked. You 
can  have  GFI  MailSecurity  open  an  attachment  and  check  for 
keywords  in  the  attachment  itself.  To  do  this,  click  on   Attachment 
checking options . Enable  Check these attachments , and specify the 
extensions  of  the  attachments  you  wish  to  content  check  using  the 
Add & remove buttons. 
 This option will cost processing time, since it is time intensive to 
search for words through attachments. Its best to only do this for doc, 
txt and rtf attachments and to quarantine other attachments. 
6.  After  you  have  specified keywords  and combinations  to check for, 
you can select a number of options: 
Match whole words only:
 Enabling this option allows you to ensure 
that GFI MailSecurity will only block mails where the word you specify 
is a whole word. For example, if you specify the word sport, an email 
with  the  word  sport  will  be  blocked,  but  not  an  email  with  the  word 
Block  PGP  encrypted  mails:
  This  option  will  block/quarantine 
messages  that  are  encrypted  using  PGP.  This  will  allow  you  to 
intercept  messages  trying  to  bypass  the  GFI  MailSecurity  content 
checking engine. 
  You  can  import  keywords  &  conditions  using  the 
Import/Export function. To do this, create a text file and include each 
condition or keyword on a separate line. Phrases should be enclosed 
in    .  Condition  operators  should  be  written  in  capitals.  Tip:  Export  a 
sample file to see the exact format. 
7. You can now proceed onto the next tab and specify words that you 
wish to check for in the subject of the message. 
Configuring Content & Attachment checking 

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