Configuring Content & Attachment 
Introduction to content checking 
This chapter explains how to set up content & attachment checking in 
GFI MailSecurity. The content checking feature allows you to setup a 
policy regarding what types of email you will allow on your mail server. 
To set up such a policy, GFI MailSecurity uses the concept of  Rules . 
A rule is a condition that you set, for example, blocking all executable 
Other examples of rules are: 
  blocking all mails which contain certain words 
  blocking  all  mails  with  attachments  that  can  contain  programs  or 
scripts. (*.vbs) (Love Letter!) 
  blocking certain users sending attachments all together. 
Types of Content checking rules 
There are two types of content checking rules: 
Content  checking  rule
     this  rule  allows  you  to  search  a  mail 
message  and  its  attachments  for  certain  words.  This  allows  you  to 
block  mails  and  attachments  with  certain  content.  For  example,  you 
can block attachments with specific words. 
Attachment checking rule
   An attachment checking rule allows you 
to block attachments of a certain type.  
Both rules can be applied to all users or a specified list of users. 
Creating a content checking rule 
To create a content checking rule: 
1.  Highlight  the  content  checking  node  in  the  GFI  MailSecurity 
configuration. Right click and select New> Content checking rule. 
2. A new rule will be created in the right pane. Highlight this rule and 
double click it. A tabbed dialog will appear. 
Configuring Content & Attachment checking 

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