If you have Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003: 
You  will  need  to  set up  an  SMTP connector  that  forwards  all mail  to 
GFI MailSecurity: 
1.  Start up Exchange System Manager 
2.  Right click on the Connectors Node >New >SMTP Connector and 
create a new SMTP connector. You will be prompted for a name. 
3.  Now select the option "Forward all mail through this connector to 
the  following  smart  host",  and  type  in  the  IP  of  the  GFI 
MailSecurity server (the mail relay server) enclosed within square 
brackets [ ] (e.g.: []. Click OK to ADD. 
4.  Select the SMTP Server that the SMTP Connector will be working 
on. Go to the Address Space tab, and click Add. Select SMTP and 
click OK. 
5.  Click  OK  to  exit.  All  mails  will  now  be  forwarded  to  the  GFI 
MailSecurity machine. 
If you have Lotus Notes: 
1.  Double click on the Address Book button in Lotus Notes 
2.  Click on Server item to open it's sub items 
3.  Click on Domains 
4.  Click on Add Domains 
5.  In  the  Basics  section,  select  Foreign  SMTP  Domain  from  the 
Domain Type field. 
6.  In  the  Messages  Addressed  to  section  type   
   in  the  Internet 
Domain field. 
7.  In the Should be routed to section enter the IP number of the Mail 
Essentials machine in the Internet Host field 
8.  Save the settings and restart the Lotus Notes server 
If you have an SMTP/POP3 mail server: 
1.  Start up the configuration program of your mail server. 
2.  Search  for  the  option  to  relay  all  outbound  mail  via  another  mail 
server.  This  option  will  be  called  something  like   Forward  all 
messages to host'. Enter the computer name or IP of the machine 
running GFI MailSecurity. 
3.  If necessary, click OK and restart your mail server. 
Step 6: Point the MX record of your domain to the mail relay 
Since the new mail relay server must receive all inbound mail first, you 
must  update  the  MX  record  of  your  domain  to  point  to  the  IP  of  the 
new mail relay server. Otherwise mail will continue to go to your mail 
server and by pass GFI MailSecurity. 
If  you  run  your  own  DNS  server  you  need  update  this  in  your  DNS 
server.  If  your  ISP  manages  it  for  you,  you  need  to  ask  your  ISP  to 
update the  MX record for you. After you have done this, check if the 
MX record is correct using the following procedure. 

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