add  these  local  domains  in  the  MailSecurity  configuration.  For  more 
information  see  `Adding  additional  local  domains'  in  the  Advanced 
Topics chapter.  
If you add additional local domains in IIS SMTP service, they will not 
be  automatically  recognized  until  you  enter  them  in  the  MailSecurity 
configuration.  This  allows  you  to  setup  remote  smart  hosts  for 
particular domains that are not local. 
Configure the domain to relay mail to your mail server: 
1.  In  the  properties  for  the  domain  that  you  just  created,  click  to 
select  the  Allow  the  Incoming  Mail  to  be  Relayed  to  this  Domain 
check box.  
2.  If this is being set up for an internal domain, you should specify the 
server that receives email for the domain name by the IP address 
in the Route domain dialog box. 
3.  Click the forward all email to smart host option, and then type the 
IP  address  of  the  server  that  is  responsible  for  email  for  that 
domain in square brackets. For example:  
  Typing  the  IP  address  of  the  server  in  square  brackets  is 
necessary so that the server recognizes this is an IP address and 
not a host name.  
4.  Click OK. 
Relay options 
Step 4:  Secure your mail relay server.  
In this step you will specify your mail server name, and any other mail 
servers  that  will  send  mail  via  this  mail  relay  server.    Effectively  you 
will limit the servers that can send mail through this server:  
1.  Open the properties of the Default SMTP Virtual Server. 
2.  On the Access tab, click Relay. 

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