2.  Expand  the  tree  under  the  server  name,  and  then  expand  the 
Default  SMTP  Virtual  Server.  Right  click  and  select   Properties . 
Assign an IP to it.  
Step 3: Configure the SMTP Service to relay mail to your 
mail server 
In  this  step,  you  configure  the  SMTP  service  to  relay  inbound 
messages to your mail server.
  During  installation,  GFI  MailSecurity  will  perform  this  step  for 
you  automatically.  GFI  MailSecurity  will  ask  for  your  local  domain 
name,  and  create  it  as  a  remote  domain.  You  will  see  the  domain 
listed in the right pane. However, if you do this step manually, you can 
confirm  that  your  relay  server  is  working  properly  before  running  the 
GFI MailSecurity installation. 
Creating a local domain in IIS to route mail 
1.  Click Start, point to Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then 
click Internet Services Manager. 
2.  Expand  the  tree  under  the  server  name,  and  then  expand  the 
Default SMTP Virtual Server. By default, you should have a Local 
(Default)  domain  with  the  fully  qualified  domain  name  of  the 
3.  Configure the domain for inbound: 
a)  Right click  the  Domains  icon,  click  New,  and  then  click 
b)  Click  Remote,  click  Next,  and  then  type  the  domain  name  in 
the Name box. Click Finish. 
Configure the domain 
Note: Upon installation, MailSecurity will import local domains from the 
IIS  SMTP  service.  If  you  want  additional  local  domains,  you  have  to 

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