Installing GFI MailSecurity in gateway 
Introduction to installing in SMTP gateway mode 
This chapter explains the procedure how to install and configure GFI 
MailSecurity in SMTP gateway mode. There are 2 ways to install GFI 
MailSecurity in SMTP gateway mode: 
1.  On the Exchange Server 2000/2003 machine. 
2.  On a separate machine at the perimeter of your network. 
If you are installing on the Exchange Server 2000/2003 machine, set 
up is very straight forward. Simply choose gateway mode rather then 
VS API mode.  
If installing on a separate server, you must configure that machine to 
act as a gateway for all mail first. This set up is also known as  Smart 
host   or   Mail  relay   server.  Once  configured,  you  can  install  GFI 
MailSecurity on that machine. 
In  SMTP  gateway  mode,  GFI  MailSecurity  checks  inbound  and 
outbound  mail  before  it  reaches  your  mail  server.  For  more 
information  about  GFI  MailSecurity  operating  modes  and  the  SMTP 
gateway mode, please see the chapter `Explaining GFI MailSecurity'. 
SMTP  gateway  mode  is  the  correct  mode  if  you  run  Exchange 
5.5, Lotus Notes or another SMTP/POP3 server!  
If you are running a Windows NT network: The machine running 
GFI  MailSecurity  can  be  totally  separate  from  your  Windows  NT 
network   GFI MailSecurity does not require Active Directory! 
Installing GFI MailSecurity in front of your firewall 
A  good  way  to  deploy  GFI  MailSecurity  is  to  install  it  on  a  separate 
machine  in  front  of  your  firewall  or  on  your  firewall  (if  running  a 
Windows  2000/2003  firewall  such  as  Microsoft  ISA  Server).  This 
allows you to keep your corporate mail server behind the firewall. GFI 
MailSecurity will act as a smart host/mail relay server in the perimeter 
network (also known as DMZ   demilitarized zone). 
Additional advantages are: 
  You can perform maintenance on your Mail server machine, whilst 
still receiving email from the Internet. 
  You use less resources on your Mail server machine 
  The  GFI  MailSecurity  machine  can  have  a  lower  spec  then  the 
Mail server machine and process mail faster. 

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