Note that the monitor refers to items, not mails. An item is a message 
part,  such  as  a  mail  body  or  an  attachment.  Therefore  a  mail  can 
contain multiple items. For example a mail with 2 attachments consists 
of 3 parts/items: 1 body and 2 attachments. 
Entering your License key after installation 
If  you  have  purchased GFI  MailSecurity,  you  can  enter  your  License 
key in the General > Licensing node.  
If  you  are  evaluating  GFI  MailSecurity  with  an  evaluation  key,  the 
product will time out after 60 days. If you then decide to purchase GFI 
MailSecurity, you can just enter the License key here without having to 
re install. 
Entering the License key should not be confused with the process of 
registering  your  company  details  on  our  website.  This  is  important; 
since  it  allows  us  to  give  you  support  and  notify  you  of  important 
product news. Register on:
In  VS  API  mode,  you  must  license  GFI  MailSecurity  based  on  the 
number of mailboxes that you have on Exchange Server. 
Installing GFI MailSecurity in VS API mode 

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