you have a small number of users, you can just install the VS API 
  If  you  want  to  block  entire mails,  rather  then message  parts, you 
need to use the SMTP gateway version. 
SMTP gateway mode is the correct mode if you run Exchange 
5.5, Lotus Notes or another SMTP/POP3 server! 
Can I use both operating modes? 
It is possible to deploy both versions at the same time (as long as they 
are  installed  on  separate  machines).  The  main  advantage  of  this  is 
that  you  can  have  stricter  rules  on  inbound  and  outbound  mail,  and 
less  strict  rules  on  internal  mail.  Also,  you  can  avoid  mail  reaching 
your Exchange server in the first place, and use the Exchange VS API 
version to control virus outbreaks through internal mail. 
GFI MailSecurity components 
GFI MailSecurity consists of the following parts: 
GFI MailSecurity scan engine 
The GFI MailSecurity scan engine analyses the content of all in  and 
outbound mail and internal mail  (if  using in Exchange  2000/2003  VS 
API mode). 
If  a  mail  is  quarantined,  the  scan  engine  will  notify  the  appropriate 
supervisor/administrator and ask for approval of the message. 
GFI MailSecurity configuration 
The GFI MailSecurity configuration 
The  configuration  program  allows  you  to  set  up  and  configure  GFI 
MailSecurity. All configuration can be done from the MMC console. 
 Explaining GFI MailSecurity 

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