Installing GFI MailSecurity on a separate machine  
If  you  decide  to  install  GFI  MailSecurity  on  a separate machine  then 
you must install GFI MailSecurity in SMTP gateway mode. In this type 
of installation GFI MailSecurity checks all inbound and outbound mail 
before it reaches your  mail server. In order to do this, it must be the 
first to receive all mails destined for your mail server and it must the 
last  stop' for outbound mail, i.e. mails destined for the Internet. In this 
set up GFI MailSecurity acts as a gateway for all email. This set up is 
also known as  Smart host  or  Mail relay  server. 
GFI MailSecurity working as a mail gateway/relay 
Differences between SMTP gateway and Exchange VSAPI mode 
The  main  differences  between  the  SMTP  gateway  mode  and  the 
Exchange VS API version of GFI MailSecurity are as follows: 
  SMTP  Gateway  version  only  scans  inbound  and  outbound  mail, 
not internal mail 
  SMTP  Gateway  version  has  more  information  about  the  e mail, 
and can therefore quarantine outbound mail without the need for a 
ticketing system 
  SMTP Gateway version has more information about the e mail and 
can  therefore  determine  better  if  it's  an  inbound  or  an  outbound 
  SMTP  Gateway  version  has  a  more  advanced  quarantining 
system.  It  is  possible  to  hold  the  entire  email  until  a  part  is 
approved or rejected   that way a recipient only receives the mail if 
it is approved. He will receive the mail in its entirety. 
  Exchange  VS  API  version  can  only  be  used  on  Exchange 
  Exchange  VS  API  version  can  scan  internal  mail  also,  and  can 
therefore prevent internal virus outbreaks. 
Which operating mode should I use? 
In  general  we  recommend  using  the  gateway  version  to  block 
viruses at the gateway and implement advanced content security 
rules,  and  to  use  the  VS  API  version  mainly  to  block  internal 
virus outbreaks. 
  If  you  don't  have  Exchange  2000/2003,  you  must  use  the  SMTP 
gateway version.  
  If you have Exchange 2000/2003,  you can choose. If you have a 
large network or many users on Exchange, its better to install GFI 
MailSecurity  in  gateway  mode  at  the  perimeter  of  your  network 
and use the VS API mode only to block internal virus outbreaks. If 
Explaining GFI MailSecurity 

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