Antivirus  solutions  using  Extensible  Storage  Engine  API  or  any 
other undocumented API may corrupt the Information Store and its 
  The Microsoft Exchange product group does not provide any code 
updates, documentation, or technical assistance to address issues 
related to the use of a non VS API based solution 
  For  Exchange  customers  using  a  non VS  API based  solution, 
Microsoft  Product  Support  Services  may  ask  the  customer  to 
uninstall/disable the anti virus solution to help identify issues, this 
may delay in final resolution 
  VS API enhances the current core feature set by providing abilities 
to optimize and configure the scanning process at multiple levels, 
as  well  as  providing  Exchange  administrators  with  built in 
functionality to monitor the performance of the new API  
For more information about VS API 
You can find more information about VS API on this link:;EN US;q285667 
Limitations of using the VS API Exchange 2000/2003 mode 
Although VS API is a recommended way to do content checking and 
virus  scanning  on  Exchange  2000,  there  are  a  number  of  limitations 
which you need to be aware of as a system administrator: 
1. The Virus API only scans information stores. That means that if you 
have installed GFI MailSecurity for Exchange 2000 on for example a 
front end  server,  no  mail  will  be  scanned,  because  mail  is  not  being 
stored  on  the  front end  server.  In  this  case,  you  need  to  use  GFI 
MailSecurity in SMTP gateway mode. 
2. You need to be more careful with applying attachment rules. Some 
MAPI  applications  running  on  Exchange  might  be  using  vbs  or  exe 
files. You need to ensure that if this is the case, you don't apply rules 
to quarantine exe or vbs files to mailboxes used by those applications. 
3. Outgoing mails that have been approved need to be resent by the 
user. For example, if an executable is quarantined and approved, the 
user  will  get  a  message  saying  that  he  has  24  hours  to  send  that 
executable.  The  reason  for  this  is  because  the  recipient  of  the 
message is not always known with 100% certainty in VS API mode. 
GFI MailSecurity SMTP gateway mode 
If  you  do  not  need  to  scan  internal  mail  or  do  not  have  Microsoft 
Exchange  2000/2003,  you  must  install  GFI  MailSecurity  in  SMTP 
gateway  mode.  You  can  install  GFI  MailSecurity  in  SMTP  Gateway 
mode on a separate machine on the perimeter of your network (acting 
as a mail relay) or on the Exchange server 2000/2003 machine it self. 
The SMTP gateway mode allows you to set up more powerful content 
security rules. If you do not need to scan internal mail we recommend 
the SMTP gateway mode. 
 Explaining GFI MailSecurity 

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