Furthermore, you might choose to quarantine mails carrying *.mp3 or 
*.mpg files, as these hog bandwidth and can needlessly burden a mail 
server s disk space.  
The attachment  checking module  has  effectively saved  thousands  of 
companies from the Love Letter virus. 
Email exploit detection engine 
GFI s  leading  research  on  email  exploits  has  contributed  to  the 
creation  of  GFI  MailSecurity s  email  exploit  detection  engine.  This 
industry first detects emails that contain known email exploits   think of 
it as "email intrusion detection". It therefore safeguards you from any 
current  or  future  email  viruses  and  attacks  that  use  known  exploits. 
GFI MailSecurity is the ONLY email security product to protect against 
Automatic removal of HTML scripts 
The  advent  of  HTML  mail  has  made  it  possible  for  hackers/virus 
writers  to  trigger  commands  by  embedding  them  in  HTML  mail.  GFI 
MailSecurity  detects  &  disables  these  commands  and  sends  the 
 cleaned   HTML  mail  to  the  recipient.  GFI  MailSecurity  is  the  only 
product  to  protect  you  from  potentially  malicious  HTML  e mail, 
allowing you to be secure from not only HTML viruses, but also from 
attacks directed at your network via HTML e mail. 
Automatic quarantining of Microsoft Word documents with 
word macros 
GFI  MailSecurity  protects you  from  present  and future Word & Excel 
macro viruses, by automatically quarantining documents with macros. 
This means you can safely allow Word docs and excel spreadsheets 
to  be  sent  via  e mail,  since  if  they  are  potentially  malicious,  you  can 
rest  assured  that  GFI  MailSecurity  will  quarantine  them.  (or  delete  if 
you prefer) 
Virus checking using multiple virus engines 
GFI MailSecurity scans email for viruses using multiple virus engines. 
Scanning  email  at  the  gateway  and  at  mail  server  level  prevents 
viruses  from  entering  and/or  spreading  within  your  network. 
Furthermore,  you  can  avoid  the  embarrassment  of  sending  infected 
emails  to  customers,  as  GFI  MailSecurity  also  checks  outgoing  mail 
for  viruses.  GFI  MailSecurity  includes  the  industrial  strength  Norman 
anti virus  &  Bitdefender  virus  engines  that  has  received  various 
awards.  Optionally  you  can  choose  to  add  the  McAfee  virus  engine. 
Multiple virus engines gives you a higher level of security, since virus 
engines complement each other and lower the average virus response 
Trojan Executable scanner 
GFI MailSecurity is able to analyze incoming executables and rate the 
risk level of an executable. This way, potentially dangerous, unknown 
Trojans can be detected before they enter your network. 
 Explaining GFI MailSecurity 

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