projects that will reduce our long term operating costs.
will have been "real," not "virtual," for a full operating year,
which means the Agency should realize an improvement in services
and some containment of the costs in providing those services.
USAID is working with several missions now to enter into the
service provider role in FY 1999 in one or more functions covered
Human Resources:
The USAID direct hire workforce has been trimmed by hiring
freezes, early retirements, and a RIF in 1996.
As a result of
this smaller workforce, it has become crucial that the Agency's
human resources are deployed in a timely and responsive manner.
The Agency must identify the critical skills needed to achieve
its goals.
In a resource scarce environment USAID will find the
balance of having an appropriate number of employees with the
correct skill mix to be responsive to the long term workforce
needs and to provide rapid humanitarian and development response.
Within this context, the Office of Human Resources has an
established strategic goal of providing, "The Right Person, In
the Right Place, At the Right Time, Doing the Right Thing," and
two Strategic Objectives: (1) A competent core workforce is
maintained, and (2) Established service standards are heeded.
Strategic Objective One focuses on employing, developing,
assigning and sustaining the core workforce.
The Agency's
special workforce task force has examined issues and changes in
workforce planning, and its recommendations are being factored
into USAID's long term planning. The second strategic objective
focuses on improving basic personnel operations such as
assignments, employee evaluations, and the like.
A key component
of this Strategic Objective is a proposal to procure a new
automated HR/PAY system whose status is dependent upon
availability of OE resources consistent with the Agency's
Verification and Validation:
In 1998, the Agency will establish a unit to fix baseline values
for all indicators listed above and, in preparing for the FY 2000
Annual Performance Plan, it will undertake an assessment of
progress to that date toward achieving the objectives.
addition, the specific sources of Agency management data will be
used to validate reporting on achieving performance targets.
These data are already embedded in specific Agency systems and
reporting requirements.
These include:
performance informed budget process;
annual results review resource request data (R4);
CFO financial reporting;
staffing vacancy reports; and

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